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Getting H264 to work on Firefox on Debian stable and testing

In some cases, Twitch and some Youtube videos will mention a missing renderer instead of, well, functioning.

This is because they use the h.264 codec, which isn't installed by default on Debian. Getting it to work took a lot more research and fiddling than I expected, so I figured I'd write a summary.

Aegir Network

Project description: 

This module allows inter-communication between Aegir servers (to address the "smart nodes" use case). The point is to centralize information to facilitate management of multiple servers.

We use hosting_services and 2-legged OAuth. You can use hosting_network_node to get the right OAuth configuration, afterwards you'll have to add an OAuth consumer to a user (presumably admin in development).

What my role is:

Revamping the site with a Bootstrap theme (Kalatheme)

I just switched to a responsive Bootstrap theme thank to Kalatheme. I have to say I'm very happy with the way it looks now. I love OpenOutreach (heck, we just launched a new service dedicated to it) but its design is not marketed to small sort-of-dev-portfolio websites. Bootstrap is pretty much perfect for my use case.

Anyone who wants to do the same needs only a few things:


Project description: 

With our automated Open Outreach service, people  can focus on creating the content that is important for you and your community.

We provide people with tools and ensure their website works and remains up to date:

  • Easy interface for site installation
  • Fully automated updates
  • Full configuration access
  • Daily backups

(Note: The git feed points to OpenOutreach, since this project is mostly about automating OpenOutreach hosting.)

What my role is:

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