Revamping the site with a Bootstrap theme (Kalatheme)

I just switched to a responsive Bootstrap theme thank to Kalatheme. I have to say I'm very happy with the way it looks now. I love OpenOutreach (heck, we just launched a new service dedicated to it) but its design is not marketed to small sort-of-dev-portfolio websites. Bootstrap is pretty much perfect for my use case.

Anyone who wants to do the same needs only a few things:

Just enable jquery_update module and set it to jquery version 1.7 (so you don't get warnings). Then in your themes (Appearance), enable (and set default) Kalatheme, and go into its settings. Just choose a bootstrap library and voilĂ , that's it for the theme. Probably clear the cache to be safe.

All you need to do after that is enable Panels, Radix Layout, Page Manager and perhaps Views content panes if you need it. Just create a new page and select a layout within the Radix Layouts. I didn't test everything but I think only they work with Kalatheme. (The documentation says to use Panopoly Theme, but if I understand this issue correctly its layouts are deprecated in favor of Radix Layouts.)

Please comment if you know better ways to do this, but I've done it this way a few times now and it's pretty quick and easy. I remember trying the Bootstrap module, and I don't recommend it (too much trouble to make it work, if memory serves).