About me

Hi, I'm Guillaume Boudrias


I grew up in Montreal, went to a public high school, studied Informatique de Gestion (basically programming) at Collège de Maisonneuve (graduated in 2009). I also did a bit more than a year of anthropology at Université de Montréal (it wasn't meant to be but I learned a lot).

Recently I've been busy getting Praxis Laboratories Coop (and the project this website is based on!) off the ground. Before that I worked for Koumbit Networks (a nonprofit Drupal shop) for 3 years.


Since you asked, I've always loved computers, and that naturally translated into a desire for a career in programming. Whilst studying I also learned about social justice and realized programming is hard to use for gains other than monetary (thus, the year of anthropology). However, Drupal, Koumbit and the FLOSS world in general made me realize there is a lot of potential for social change in CS and coding in general, mainly by helping people communicate and organize (thus, Praxis) while also encouraging critical thinking and autonomy (thus, the interest in FLOSS).

All in all, I'm interested in making good code and peace on earth (and somewhere in between, promoting new technologies for the benefit of society at large).

I've also been trying my hand at making philosophical indie games, as I'm quite fond of them. Maybe some day I'll finish and release one.

In fact, I've tried my hand at a lot of things in CS, such as managing (Linux) servers, coding on DevOps stuff for Drupal, and even pixel art (still not good at pixel art).

My hobbies include helping in Montreal's mesh net, reading philosophy books, watching people play obscure games and daydreaming of new strategies to promote freedom of information.

I speak English, French and a tiny bit of Italian.


Until I find a better nickname, I mostly use my real name:

gboudrias on IRC
gboudrias on drupal.org
gboudrias on community.openatria.com
@gboudrias on twitter
gboudrias on github

And maybe a few other places if you google it.