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Aegir Network

Project description: 

This module allows inter-communication between Aegir servers (to address the "smart nodes" use case). The point is to centralize information to facilitate management of multiple servers.

We use hosting_services and 2-legged OAuth. You can use hosting_network_node to get the right OAuth configuration, afterwards you'll have to add an OAuth consumer to a user (presumably admin in development).

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Hosting Backup Alert

Project description: 

Aegir module that sends notifications when no recent backups exist.

Useful in case a site systematically fails to backup (or in case the backup queue fails).

hosting_site_backup_manager is not necessary but highly recommended: https://drupal.org/project/hosting_site_backup_manager

Really it doesn't make much sense to use this module without the backup queue that that module provides.

For now only this module only has an Aegir2 version.

What my role is: